Lustig Elements

In the 1930s, mid-century modern designer Alvin Lustig completed a typographic experiment combining combinations of the same four geometric shapes. 

He created the letterforms to spell “Euclid, A New Type”.

After being stored away for decades, Craig Welsh initiated the completion of the experiment under the guidance of Elaine Lustig Cohen.

The team worked together to recreate the grid Alvin initially created in order to develop a complete uppercase character set and supporting glyphs. The project went on to be expanded in to a commercial typeface released by P22 Type Foundry and cut in to wood type by Hamilton Wood Type and Printing Museum.

Designed at Go Welsh
under Craig Welsh

Project team:
Elaine Lustig Cohen
Craig Welsh
Nicholas Stover

Font production:
P22 Type Foundry

Eye on Design
Fast Company